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Dandelion Explorers 

(formerly Tinkergarten)

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The Tinkergarten – and now Dandelion Explorers' – curriculum is designed for children 18 months to eight years old and their caregivers. It helps encourage a love for exploration, curiosity, and the natural world around us – all in the outdoors at Hilltop Farm. 


This year, Elizabeth Simons takes over from Sasha Zatyrka, who led the program at Hilltop Farm for several years. 


Although Elizabeth is a new instructor, she comes with sterling credentials. She was a teacher in Springfield for seven years, having received her bachelor’s degree at Springfield College and a master’s at The Harvard Graduate School of Education. And she’s been in tune with the Tinkergarten mission for years, saying, “Fostering a love of learning and the outdoors has always been important to me.”  


Her Dandelion Explorer’s 2024 winter session focuses on persistence through lessons inspired by the unique survival powers of different “animal superheroes.”

2024 Winter Hilltop Farm classes


Classes run for nine weeks from 10 am to 11 am on either:

  • Mondays: 1/15 - 3/18 with no 2/19 class​

                    OR ​

  • Thursdays: 1/18 - 3/21 with no 2/15 class


To register or learn more, click the button below or email Elizabeth.

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