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Rental rates for weddings, corporate events and gatherings

For your wedding, corporate event or next special gathering, consider our 71 acres of scenic tranquility. Walk our rolling hills past our flower and bird gardens, renovated 1900s corn crib and barns, working tobacco shed and down to the banks of the placid Connecticut River. Grab your camera for gorgeous picture-taking.


We offer three venues to choose from with these terms:

  • Renting is available May through October - the barn is unheated.

  • Properties are open between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  • If you're serving alcohol, additional insurance coverage may be necessary.

  • We ask that all renters and vendors provide certificates of insurance, as specified in our rental contract.

  • Reservation and security deposits are required at the time of booking.


Contact information


For small get-togethers and meetings

  • Unfortunately, we can't accommodate small groups currently.

  • Here's why.


The 1914 Barn

The main floor of our 18,700 square foot, unheated barn seats up to 175 tabled guests and 300 without tables and chairs.


It includes fully accessible bathrooms, a caterer's prep area, 100 white garden chairs, a bar and accommodations for partners in a heated room. The caterer's prep area includes a refrigerator, a full-size convection oven and two warming ovens which may be used for warming and food prep but not cooking.


Also included is the Barnyard and Exhibition Hall venue described below and a golf cart with a driver to assist guests.


Rental fee: $8,500 for up to 10 hours


Photos of recent weddings.

For SO article on renting.jpeg

Scenes from our first public event, Oktoberfest 2022.

p24 n70 COLOR IMG_6295.jpeg

The Lawn

Located north of the 1914 Barn, to the side of the long chicken coop, this venue offers extensive electrical hookups and a roughly 16,000 square foot – 160' long x 100' wide – flat area for pitching a tent. It holds 350 or more seated guests, depending on your tent and seating layout.


You have the use of our composting toilets and Porta  Potties but no indoor 1914 Barn facilities.


Rental fee: $4,000 for up to 10 hours

Tent on Lawn.jpg

The Barnyard and Exhibition Hall

Located directly behind the 1914 Barn, this venue features a corral and an 18' x 29' 1900s renovated outbuilding with limited electrical hookups. The land can accommodate a tent size up to 40' x 60'.


It's ideal for small parties and picnics. You have the use of our composting toilets and Porta Potties but no indoor barn facilities.

If you choose the 1914 Barn venue, the Barnyard and Exhibition Hall offerings are also included.

Rental fee: $3,500 for up to 10 hours

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