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How Your Donation Matters

Your donation today helps Hilltop Farm become a vibrant learning center where you can drop by anytime, discover something new about farms, food and our precious land — and have fun doing it.

The farm is not ready and we need your help.

The farm was idle for many years before The Friends got involved. We're making improvements like adding running water, restrooms, upgraded electrical service, a fire suppression system for the white barn and a new Farm Stand and Creamery.


We also need to paint, roof, fence, prune, build, repair, restore, plant, mow… boring stuff, really, but vitally important to the rebirth of Hilltop.

Food doesn’t grow in grocery stores.

We want to connect people to the land, teach them where our food comes from. How to grow, raise, nurture, prepare, eat– and savor it. We want people to learn all the lessons that can be learned on a farm.


We want people to come to Hilltop Farm year round for educational programs and hands-on experiences.


And we want learning to be exciting. We want people to have those “ah ha!” moments of discovery and understanding.

At one of our early Farm Fests, a local farmer sponsored a booth where youngsters could whip cream into butter. Parents stood behind their kids and watched. Some helped to hold the bowl or quickly turn the old-fashioned manual beaters. Everyone’s arms ached, but they had fun, and enjoyed fresh butter on saltine crackers afterwards.


We overheard one parent say, “So that’s where butter comes from.”


Your support will enable more people to have these moments of discovery.


Thank you for your generous donation.

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Paddle Faster Bluegrass Festival. Photo by Ray Pioggia.

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