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Community Garden at Hilltop Farm
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View of some of the 76 acres of open space behind the dairy barn that abuts the Connecticut River.

Since its formation in 2002, FOFAH has been working with local farmers, state and federal agencies to prevent erosion, and improve and maintain the soils in the open space at Hilltop.
The FOFAH board is delighted to be able to share the farmland with the local community, offering garden plots to individuals, groups, and families. The Hilltop Farm Community Garden is open to any area resident between school age and senior status, who completes an application and agrees to follow the rules. Have fun and enjoy gardening at Hilltop Farm!

About the Plots

  • The Garden is located on eastern slope of the farm near the red small barns and outbuildings. Because the garden is on land leased from the Town of Suffield there are restrictions regarding when we can be there, and our approach to enhancing the farm.

  • Interested gardeners may make a donation of $25 to FOFAH or donate a total of 5 volunteer hours for a plot for a season.

  • Each plot will be assigned by a member of the Agricultural Committee on a first come, first served basis.

  • Plots are roughly 18' x 25' and are in full sun.

  • Water is somewhat available. It is rainwater collected in a tank. Water is a resource that may become rare and is to be shared. You may bring your own water in containers.

  • Plots will be available in mid-May. The actual date will be published as soon as we have a schedule for the plots to be plowed and harrowed.

  • All plots should be planted by mid-June. Unplanted plots may be assigned to someone else.