Wetlands Mitigation & Enhancement Project

WetlandsBoardwalkBoardwalk Over the WetlandsBecause Northeast Utilities’ (NU) Greater Springfield Reliability Project is disturbed existing wetlands, it was required to offset the environmental impact by enhancing other wetlands.

In 2010 an agreement was signed by the Town of Suffield, The Friends, and Connecticut Light & Power (now Eversource), for removal of invasive species and planting of wetland buffers at the farm.

whiparea11Wetlands Area 11whipareas12 13 14smWetlands Area 12-13-14Approximately 1.8 acres of new forested/shrub swamp and emergent wetland have been constructed next to existing wetlands.

Also included in the mitigation plan were 12.5 acres of wetland enhancement and invasive species removal, and 4.9 acres of wetland buffer enhancement along the present pond, stream, and wetland meadow.

whipsmMap of WHIP AreaView the Northeast Utilities Wetlands Wetlands Mitigation Plan map.