Fire Safety Provisions

Plans are currently underway to install a fire sprinkler system on both levels of the large white barn.

CTWaterAtHilltop1During the summer of 2015 Connecticut Water Company installed two new water mains and a fire hydrant on the farmstead.  This provides sufficient water pressure to support the installation of an automatic fire sprinkler system.

The first phase of the sprinkler system installation has been completed by Red Hawk Fire & Security, with the installation of the "brains" of the fire sprinkler system in the sub-basement of the creamery.  Design work is being finalized now on the "distribution" phase of the work which will involve the installation of pipes and sprinkler heads along the rafters of the main level of the barn as well as along the ceilings of the lower level of the barn.

fireescape1Fire escape constructed in 2011Building and fire codes mandate this project, which when completed, will allow full use of the barn.

We have earmarked funds and are currently seeking additional monies for this expensive initiative.