Farm House Restoration

In 2014 the Town of Suffield secured a $250,000 grant though the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) to help The Friends restore two of the farm houses on the farmstead.

HerdsmansHouseBeforeThe Herdsmans House - beforeRestoring houses is not exaxctly the same as renovating them.  The intent of the grant is that these the Herdsmans house and Administrators house be restored as closely as possible to their original condition circa 1913.

Both houses have had their roofs replaced and their chimneys repaired.  The 100 year old windows in the Herdsmans house have each been painstakingly restored.  Damaged siding has been replaced and both houses have been scraped and painted.

HerdsmansHouseAfterThe Herdsmans House - afterNow the focus moves indoors where plaster walls will be repaired, hardwood floors and trim refinished, and the original cast iron steam radiators are being cleaned and put back into service. 

Plans are to have work on the Herdsmans house completed this summer.  The Administrators house will take a little longer.